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    Tongs - Cutlery

    The tongs category includes a variety of kitchen utensils that have a tong shape and are used to grasp, handle, turn, cut or serve different types of food during preparation, cooking and serving. Pliers are versatile and practical tools that provide better grip and control when handling food.

    Here is an overview of some common clamp types:

    Types of Pliers:

    Salad Tongs: A double jaw tong used to mix and serve salads without crushing them.

    BBQ Tongs: A sturdy tong designed to flip and handle food on the grill, such as meats, vegetables and skewers.

    Crab/ Lobster Claw: A solid

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    Westmark -  - Lobster Cracker
    Lobster cracker
    Tablecraft -  - Lobster Cracker
    Lobster cracker
    Price upon request
    INVOTIS - couverts et pince à salade vert - Salad Server

    Having a salad bowl is the first step to serving a mouth-watering salad, but to serve it you need ...

    13.90 € approx.
    Chef'n -  - Salad Server
    Salad server

    Salads need a little babying. Rigid tongs crush delicate salad ingredients, but the flexible ...

    Sauzede-Touly - coffret 7 pièces à crustacés - Lobster Cracker
    Lobster cracker

    7-piece box comprising 1 scraper or nut break in solid stainless steel and 7 soaked stainless ...

    Price upon request
    ... claw to break the hard shells of crustaceans and extract their flesh.

    Sugar Tongs: A fine tong used to sear and move pieces of sugar, usually for serving tea or coffee.

    Ice Tongs: A special tong to grab ice cubes and place them in glasses without having to touch them.

    Serving Tongs: A versatile tong for searing and serving various foods, such as cooked vegetables, pasta, pieces of meat, etc.

    Sushi Tongs: A fine and delicate tong used to handle ingredients when preparing sushi and sashimi.


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