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    Fashion - Beyond decoration

    ( 15 Produits )

    Sewing is a creative discipline that involves assembling fabrics using needles and threads to create clothing, accessories, interior decorations and much more.

    Sewing styles and types:

    Garment sewing: This includes creating custom garments, repairing damaged garments, modifying existing garments and making garments from patterns.

    Sewing accessories: Sewn accessories include handbags, hats, sashes, gloves, belts and other items that complement the outfit.

    Interior decoration sewing: This category includes making curtains, cushions, tablecloths, blankets and any other decorative element for the home.

    Costume sewing: Costumes can be designed for special events, parties, shows or historical re-enactments.

    European manufacturers of sewing supplies:


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    PRYM Premax CREAVEA Rascol Derriere La Porte TILDA Maison Sajou
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    Rascol -  - Sewing Box

    Dimensions in cm: 30 x 20.5 x 19. The interior of the cabinets is structured in a very practical way ...

    45.45 € approx.
    Premax -  - Sewing Scissors
    Sewing scissors

    Tailor Shears - Omnia Collection - Soft/Hard Plastic Handle - Straight Blades - See more at: http:// ...

    Price upon request
    Rascol -  - Sewing Caddy
    Sewing caddy

    Worker sewing varnished wood on feet. Made with the finest materials and beautifully finished, this ...

    Premax -  -

    Embroidery scissors - micro-notched - Series 6 Kevlar Collection - 15 cm/ 6 - Steel AISI 420 ...

    PRYM -  - Sewing Caddy
    Sewing caddy

    - Dark rubber wood worker - Accordion system - High quality finish This elegant worker with a high ...

    Premax -  - Sewing Scissors
    Sewing scissors

    Embroidery Scissors - Gold Collection - Wide Bows - Straight Blades - See more at: http://www. ...

    Price upon request
    Rascol -  - Sewing Box
    Sewing box

    Dimensions in cm: 23 x 23 x 14. The interior of the cabinets is structuring? very conveniently. They ...

    35.45 € approx.
    Rascol - royal burgundy - Sewing Box
    Sewing box

    Dimensions in cm: 24 x 16 x 11. The interior of the cabinets is structuring? very conveniently. They ...

    Price upon request
    CREAVEA - à décorer - Sewing Box
    Sewing box
    à décorer

    This wooden sewing box to decorate will be ideal to store and organize all your sewing material. You ...

    L'atelier de véro - pique épingles - Sewing Kit
    L'atelier de véro
    Sewing kit

    Pique pins made with old towels and towels and red floral linen fabric on an ecru or white ...

    Price upon request
    Derriere La Porte -  - Sewing Box
    Derriere La Porte
    Sewing box

    Your buttons and small sewing accessories will be perfectly stored in this box consisting of 2 ...

    TILDA -  - Sewing Box
    Sewing box

    The TILDA sewing bag is a nice sewing kit yourself to store your small haberdashery. The elements ...

    Price upon request
    FAITH GRANT THE CONNOIssEUR'S SHOP - sewing box - Sewing Box
    Sewing box
    sewing box

    Exquisite Regency period rosewood and fruitwood pearl inlaid sewing box. circa 1820.

    Price upon request
    Maison Sajou -  -
    Maison Sajou

    Old-fashioned sewing kit including a pair of tortoiseshell-style scissors pattern S, a tortoiseshell ...

    ... of London (UK): Liberty is famous for its printed cotton fabrics, recognized worldwide for their delicate floral patterns and quality.

    Harris Tweed (Scotland): Harris Tweed is a Scottish company producing premium wool fabrics, often used to make jackets, coats and accessories.

    Häagen-Dazs (Sweden): Häagen-Dazs is a Swedish manufacturer of high quality buttons, zippers and other haberdashery supplies.

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