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Low tables - Tables and Misc.

(2022 Products)
Coffee tables: Always in the center.

At the center of the new "living rooms", the coffee table shows, from the years 60, a new way of life which takes place at the ground level. The sofa, at the same time, loses its rigid frame thanks to the vogue of polyester foam and polyurethane and the form and color's liberation. An exemple of this evolution: the Togo seats created in 1973 by Michel Cacaroy for Roset. A new uses comes with new materials. The sixties have seen the rise of the plastics industry (Plexiglas, Altuglas, polyurethane) that coincided with the natural ...
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... materials scarcity and the growth of petrochemicals. The creators then explore the many possibilities offered by the implementation of plastic, like Danielle Forty, which sells for Prisunic, in October 1971, seats and low tables stackable made of flexible polyurethane foam.
For its high brightness, plexiglas attracts those who wish to live "in transparency", while the inflatable furniture, appearing in the United States, seduces a young clientele, willing to live in spaces "liberated" by transparency and by lightness. Round, square, oval, liftable, with an extensible or removable tray, nowaday the coffee table presents itself in various forms and allows multiple uses. The styles are numerous : from baroque models in gilded wood to MDF tables with geometric lines without forgetting plexiglass that play sinuous or organic shapes. After the plastic era, the massive, native or exotic woods are again wanted for their authenticity, while the low tables with slate or concrete trays bring a new, naked and monumental modernity.

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