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    Containers and basins - Kitchen Accessories

    The "tubs and basins" category in kitchen accessories includes a variety of versatile containers designed for various cooking, preparation and cleaning tasks. These items are often made of plastic, stainless steel, glass or other durable materials to meet a variety of kitchen needs. Here are a few examples of tubs and basins and their common uses:

    Wash basins: Wash basins are large vats used for washing dishes by hand. They may have high sides to prevent splashing and are generally made of plastic. Some are foldable for easy storage.

    Food preparation basins: These basins are used for washing, draining, rinsing

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    Antonio Fatigati -  - Washing Up Bowl
    Antonio Fatigati
    Washing up bowl
    Price upon request
    PRAXISDIENST -  - Washing Up Bowl
    Washing up bowl
    22.90 € approx.
    ... and preparing foods such as vegetables, fruit or salad. They are generally smaller and may have built-in colanders.

    Ice cube trays: Ice cube trays are designed to make ice cubes. They can be made of silicone, plastic or stainless steel, and come in different sizes and shapes to suit individual needs.

    Defrosting trays: These trays allow you to safely defrost frozen food. They can have high sides to collect thawing liquids.

    Cheese bins: Cheese bins are used to store cheese in the refrigerator while maintaining adequate humidity and preventing odors from spreading.

    Food storage bins: These airtight plastic or glass bins are designed to store dry foods such as flour, sugar, cereals, pasta, etc. They help keep foods fresh and tasty. They help keep food fresh and protect it from insects and moisture.

    Folding basins: These basins are designed to be foldable, making them handy for camping, picnics or saving storage space.

    Vegetable washing tubs: These small tubs are used to quickly wash vegetables and fruit before preparing them.

    Dishwashing bins: Dishwashing bins are designed to drain and dry dishes after washing. They can be placed on the counter or in the sink.

    Cocktail preparation bins: These bins are used by bartenders to mix drinks, chill glasses and organize ingredients when preparing cocktails. 


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