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    Hood and chimney - Fireplace

    The "chimney hoods" category encompasses a range of accessories and equipment designed to ensure the efficient evacuation of smoke, flue gases and chimney particles when using fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, chimneys or other wood-burning heating systems.

    These hoods play a crucial role in the safety and smooth operation of heating systems by preventing harmful emissions from accumulating in the room and improving indoor air quality.

    Here are some common types of chimney hoods and their characteristics:

    Wall-mounted chimney hood: Mounted directly on a wall above the chimney, this hood draws smoke and combustion gases up the chimney flue for safe

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    Island chimney hood: Designed for cookers and kitchens where the chimney is located in the centre of the room, this hood is suspended from the ceiling above the heat source to exhaust smoke to the outside.

    Recessed chimney hood: Integrated into the mantel of the chimney, this hood is discreetly hidden and contributes to the overall design of the chimney.

    Wall-mounted chimney hood: Similar to a wall-mounted chimney hood, but with a recessed design for a more fluid, integrated appearance.

    Built-in island range hood: A built-in range hood designed to be suspended above an island cooker, providing smoke extraction without taking up floor space.

    Telescopic chimney hood: This type of hood can be adjusted in height to fit the dimensions of the chimney or stove, ensuring maximum smoke-extraction efficiency.

    Barbecue extractor hood: Used for outdoor barbecues, this hood evacuates cooking smoke and ensures a more enjoyable grilling experience.


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