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    Wine accessories - Kitchen Accessories

    The "around wine" category of kitchen accessories includes a range of items specially designed to make serving, tasting and storing wine easier. These accessories are designed for wine lovers and wine enthusiasts to enhance their wine-tasting and wine-preserving experience. Here are just a few examples of kitchen accessories in this category:

    Corkscrews: Corkscrews are essential tools for opening wine bottles. There are many types, including lever corkscrews, screw corkscrews, wing corkscrews, etc., each offering a different method of extracting the cork.

    Wine aerators: Wine aerators are designed to quickly oxygenate the wine at the time of serving, which can improve

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    MAISONS DU MONDE -  - Wall Bottle Opener

    Want to customize your home? From vases to carpets to mirrors, fall for our selection of decorative ...

    Climadiff -  - Wine Thermometer

    A thermometer and a hygrometer combined in one product to know all the most important measurements ...

    L'orfevrerie d'Anjou - d-vin - Spittoon
    L'orfevrerie d'Anjou

    Designer : Eric Berthès

    Polished massive pewter spittoon. Design Eric Berthès Collective Model : Height 30 cm Diametre 37 ...

    402 € approx.
    Sefama - thermomètre oenologique électronique 24,5cm - Wine Thermometer
    Wine thermometer

    The silver electronic onological thermometer is the ideal thermometer for wine lovers. With a length ...

    29.90 € approx.
    Stellinox -  - Wall Bottle Opener
    Wall bottle opener

    Stripper with cap collector

    Price upon request
    WOODTHUMB -  - Wall Bottle Opener
    Wall bottle opener
    Price upon request
    SOMMELIER ON LINE -  - Wine Pump
    Wine pump
    Price upon request
    SOMMELIER ON LINE -  - Spittoon
    Price upon request
    Inovalley - thermomètre hygromètre de cave de 20 à 100% - Wine Thermometer
    Wine thermometer

    In order to check the humidity level of your cellar, this thermometer hygrometer will allow you to ...

    13.60 € approx.
    BIOPYTHOS -  - Spittoon

    This ceramic spittoon is part of our range of derived products for your tastings. Its modern design, ...

    Price upon request
    ... its taste by releasing its aromas.

    Hermetically sealed corks: These special corks are used to hermetically seal an already opened bottle of wine, helping to preserve the freshness of the wine for a few days.

    Decanters: Decanters are used to pour wine from a bottle into a decanter, aerating the wine and separating deposits if it is a mature wine.

    Bottle racks: Bottle racks are storage supports designed to store and present your bottles of wine in an elegant way.

    Wine glasses: Wine glasses are specially designed for different types of wine, such as red wine glasses, white wine glasses, champagne glasses, etc., each with a shape and size adapted to the type of wine.

    Wine thermometers: These are used to measure the temperature of the wine, as the optimum serving temperature varies according to the type of wine.

    Wine labels: Wine labels are decorative accessories used to identify bottles of wine in a cellar or storage area.

    Serving accessories: These include capsule cutters, non-drip pourers, bottle coasters, wine racks for serving wine, and other accessories to make serving wine more elegant and practical.

    Wine racks: Wine racks are shelves specially designed for storing bottles of wine in a wine cellar or cupboard. 


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