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    The Team

    General Manager

    Yves MANCHEC

    Editor in chief

    Catherine JARNO

    Editor in chief

    Charles PETIT

    Commercial team

    Maria Francesca RESTA

    Director of the Marketplace

    Erwan MANCHEC

    Technical Support

    Mauro CARDINI


    Contact details

    17 rue Chartran 92200 Neuilly sur Seine FRANCE

    Mail : T : 0141279260
    TVA intra-communautaire : 90399699099 Distrimart SAS au capital de 250 000 Euros RCS Nanterre B 399 699 099 (95B0111738)
    Le Rendez-vous
    10 to 13 June 2021 / Every two years, Révélations is the unmissable event celebrating French and international creation. This event is conceived and created by Ateliers d'Art de France,
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    01/09 - 25/01
    Soleils Noirs
    05/01 - 31/01
    Cours de taille au Jardin Andrée Eve
    05/01 - 05/02
    Children's club Digital
    01/11 - 22/02
    Matisse Comme un Roman

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