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    Fishing trophy - Taxidermy and hunting trophy

    A fishing trophy refers to a fish caught during a fishing trip and kept as a memento or decoration. Here is some additional information about fishing trophies:

    1. Types of trophies: The most common fishing trophies are exceptional fish in terms of size, weight, or rarity. They can be freshwater fish such as pike, salmon, trout, zander, or marine fish like tuna, marlin, mahi-mahi, grouper, etc.

    2. Trophy conservation: There are several options to preserve a fishing trophy. Some anglers choose taxidermy, where the fish is mounted and preserved to maintain its original appearance. Others opt to take photos of the fish

    The Little Museum Shop - espadon - Fishing Trophy
    The Little Museum Shop

    Naturalized swordfish trophy - Origin Senegal, 1985 - Presented on oak crest - Large size - Total ...

    680 € approx.
    PAPERTROPHY - rhinocéros blanc - Fishing Trophy

    A cool white, a very imposing nose and two massive bumps, these are the main characteristics of this ...

    59.90 € approx.
    cap vert - grand requin blanc - Fishing Trophy
    cap vert
    Price upon request
    cap vert - truite fario - Fishing Trophy
    cap vert
    Price upon request
    ... and measure it before releasing it back into the water (catch and release).

  • Use of trophies: Fishing trophies can be used as decorations in homes, fishing cabins, or fishing clubs. They often serve to commemorate a successful catch or a memorable moment in a fisherman's life.

  • Conservation and ethics: It is important to fish responsibly and respect local fishing regulations, including catch quotas, minimum fish sizes, and breeding seasons. Some anglers prefer practicing "catch and release" fishing by releasing all the fish they catch.

  • Alternatives: For those who wish to preserve the appearance of a fishing trophy without harming the fish, there are alternatives such as creating fish replicas using molds and non-harmful materials.

  • It is important to comply with local fishing regulations and respect conservation principles to preserve fish populations and aquatic ecosystems.

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