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    Bar Chair - Chairs

    (426 Products)
    The highchair of bar differs from the bar stool by its backrest. These highchairs of bar can be arranged with an adjustable seat in height. They are ideal around a high table, around one eat standing up or for a corner of original meal. A Bar High Chair, what is it?

    A highchair of bar is a seat with a back, without armrest, comfortable where the height of the basis is on average 80 cm. We distinguish it from a bar stool which does not possess a backrest.
    It main utility is to consolidate your seating at the level ...
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    BROSS - path 1566 - Bar Chair
    Bar chair

    Designer : Carlesi Tonelli

    Price upon request


    Fd Mediterranee
    Ph Collection
    SKa France
    Warisan -  - Bar Chair
    Bar chair
    Bar Chair

    The Classic collection is currently being revised, please contact Head office for more details

    Price upon request
    Donghia - studio x - Bar Chair
    Bar chair
    Price upon request
    Kristalia - joko stool - Bar Chair
    Bar chair

    Designer : Bartoli Design

    Price upon request
    PIANOS PLEYEL - wonderful archie - Bar Chair
    Bar chair

    Designer : Philippe Maidenberg

    Price upon request
    Maison Gatti - versailles - Bar Chair
    Bar chair

    Designer : tabouret de bar Versailles cannage Rilsan PA11 diamant bleu lagon, blanc et mastic

    rattan weave Rilsan PA11 24 paterns & 27 colors

    Price upon request
    Maison Gatti - père tranquille - Bar Chair
    Bar chair

    Designer : Tabouret de bar cannage rilsan PA11 losange inversé noir et argent

    rattan weave Rilsan PA11 24 patterns & 27 colors

    Price upon request
    Fermob - cadiz - Bar Chair
    Bar chair

    Designer : Antoine Lesur

    Skandiform - afternoon - Bar Chair
    Bar chair
    Price upon request
    Cizeta - yard - Bar Chair
    Bar chair
    Price upon request
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    ... of a high work plan but also of a high table and to keep a certain closeness with the relatives and the guests. It allows to stay at the level of people standing up, who can move, by reducing the distance bound to their activities (between a barman and a customer), and without the irritation to be too low, that we could have on a traditional chair.

    Where to put a highchair of bar?

    For some years, this bar stool with backrest saw its design diversifying. Thanks to this diversity, it has managed to conquer the various rooms of the house. So, we can completely imagine it in an American, open or simple kitchen, around an islet, than at the level of a high office in a room, or at the counter of a bar of garden.

    What prices?
    We can easily find highchairs near 40€ - 150€ whereas to have the result of a stroke of a pen of a designer and singular finishes, a little more worked, it will take approximately 1000 euros.

    A Highchair of Bar: the essential element of your open-plan kitchen?
    This type of seat has shown its ability. We find it in the modern kitchens today as well of the Scandinavian design. The highchair of bar does not aim at replacing the traditional chair, but it is this one, which in a principle of accretion, appeared in bars and open-plan kitchens. One of its assets is to be able to transform a work plan into table of meal, which is very useful in our city spaces of small sizes. Whether it is in its forms, rounded off or angular, in colors or simply in its material with wood, with steel of the aluminium but also with leather, this seat has very strong chances to correspond to your style of the habitat. It adds to it a touch of modernity.

    Finally, the highchair is the ambassadress with a counter of bar of a certain conviviality, and promises to your guests to spend nice moments.