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    Moulded figurine - Various Objets' d'art and Ornaments

    Casting is a process used in various fields, including art, craft, industry and architecture, to create reproductions of objects using a liquid or malleable material poured into a mould.

    The moulding process starts with the creation of a mould, which can be made of different materials such as silicone, plaster, metal or rubber. The material chosen depends on the object to be reproduced and the material used for the moulding.

    Once the mould is ready, the moulding material is prepared. This can be plaster, resin, rubber, wax or other similar materials. This material is poured or pressed into the mould

    Déco à Coeur -  - Moulded Figurine
    Déco à Coeur

    Designer : Déco à Coeur

    These beautiful starfish are made of plaster, they are to be glued or ask. You can also customize ...

    6.50 € approx.
    ... and given time to harden or take the shape of the object to be reproduced.

    Once the moulding material has hardened, the mould is removed, revealing the reproduction of the object. This reproduction, called a cast, can then be used for a variety of purposes, such as decoration, art replication, industrial parts, restoration of antique objects or the creation of sculptures.

    Casting can be done on a small scale, for handicrafts or artistic reproductions, or on a large scale, for mass-produced industrial parts. Casting techniques vary according to the material used, the complexity of the object and the specific requirements of the project.

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