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    Tablecloth clip - Various table accessories

    Indoors and outdoors: practical and decorative, the hanging-tablecloths embellish and guarantee perfectly the maintenance of your tablecloth.

    A tablecloth hook is a small accessory used to hold a tablecloth or drape in place on a table or flat surface. It usually consists of a small metal or plastic hook that attaches to the edge of the table and a spring that holds the tablecloth taut. The tablecloth hook prevents the tablecloth from slipping or moving when objects are placed on it or pulled while sitting at the table.

    Some manufacturers of table hangers:

    Couzon - This French company offers a

    Eternum -  - Tablecloth Clip
    Price upon request
    Tellier Gobel -  - Tablecloth Clip
    Tellier Gobel

    Three precision tongs essential for successful plate dressings and presentations! Ideal for ...

    Price upon request
    Forbes Group -  - Tablecloth Clip
    Forbes Group

    Hangs tablecloth for a petticoat of your cocktail table

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    Eternum Forbes Group Tellier Gobel EMINZA l'atelier de loulou
    EMINZA -  - Tablecloth Clip

    Lot of 4 tongs for tablecloth Bee Inox - table linen ...

    MAGHORF   -  - Tablecloth Clip
    Price upon request
    l'atelier de loulou -  - Tablecloth Clip
    l'atelier de loulou

    Tablecloth pliers - Atelier de loulou

    Price upon request
    Distribauto -  - Tablecloth Clip
    2.90 € approx.
    l'atelier de loulou -  - Tablecloth Clip
    l'atelier de loulou

    Price upon request
    ... wide range of table accessories, including tablecloths.

    Le Jacquard Français - Another French company specializing in high quality home textiles, also offering tablecloths.

    LinenMe - This Lithuanian company produces a variety of linen products, including tablecloths.

    TableArt Online - A company based in the United States specialized in table accessories, also offering tablecloths.

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