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    Tea ball - Tea service accessories

    A tea ball is a small utensil used to infuse loose tea into a cup or teapot. It is usually made of a perforated metal ball or a plier-shaped infuser that holds the tea leaves while allowing hot water to pass through them to infuse the tea. Here is some additional information about tea balls:

    Design: Tea balls are generally made of stainless steel, food grade silicone or other heat resistant materials. They consist of a compartment or a perforated cage that holds the tea leaves inside while allowing the water to flow freely.

    Usage: To use a tea ball,

    Betjeman & Barton - etoile - Tea Ball
    Betjeman & Barton

    The tea ball comes in a star shape. Very fine wire mesh sieves. Sold with its tea bag holder. In ...

    Betjeman & Barton -  - Tea Ball
    Betjeman & Barton

    Tea ball and its teapot, Pretty porcelain tea ball sold with its small teapot-shaped stand. In order ...

    Betjeman & Barton -  - Tea Ball
    Betjeman & Barton

    A sieve tea ball (large model), its sieve is made of very fine metal mesh. In order to ensure the ...


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    Zack DAMMANN FRERES Betjeman & Barton Aarikka CUIZINE & CO Pa Design
    Betjeman & Barton - cour - Tea Ball
    Betjeman & Barton

    The tea ball is available in a heart-shaped version. Very fine wire mesh sieve. In order to ensure a ...

    Betjeman & Barton - grand modèle - Tea Ball
    Betjeman & Barton
    grand modèle

    This metal ball can be closed simply by clipping the two parts together. To ensure a good ...

    Zack -  - Tea Ball

    Opening/closing at the touch of a finger Large capacity For different kinds of tea ...

    DAMMANN FRERES -  - Tea Ball

    Perforated stainless steel tea ball in titanium gold finish, diameter 4cm.

    CUIZINE & CO - batonnet tea stick - Tea Ball
    batonnet tea stick

    Tea Stick with slide. Clever in its operation and very modern in its design,  The "Tea Stick ...

    Pa Design - baby nessie - Tea Ball
    Pa Design
    baby nessie

    Let your drink infuse with the Nessie The Loch Ness Monster still feeds the imagination of many ...

    Aarikka - puisto - Tea Ball

    The Puisto tea strainer make every table setting beautiful, and is also ideal for a more festive ...

    Aarikka - kisu - Tea Ball

    Material: Maple, stainless steel. Measures: Length 21 cm.  Handmade in Finland.

    ... simply open the compartment or open the clamp, add the tea leaves inside, then close the ball. Then, simply dip the tea ball in a cup or teapot filled with hot water and let the tea brew for the recommended time. After brewing, the tea ball can be removed and the tea leaves discarded or composted.

    Size and shape: Tea balls are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. Some are equipped with chains or handles that allow them to hang in the cup for easy removal. Others have tweezers that open and close for easy filling and cleaning.

    Maintenance: Tea balls are generally easy to clean. After use, simply empty the tea leaves and rinse the ball with hot water. Some tea balls can also be placed in the dishwasher for further cleaning.

    There are many European manufacturers that offer quality tea balls. Some reputable manufacturers include AdHoc, Cilio, Tefal, Westmark, and Rösle.

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