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    Wine thermometer - Wine accessories

    A wine thermometer is an instrument designed to measure the temperature of wine before tasting it. The temperature of the wine can greatly influence its flavor and aroma, so wine lovers use special thermometers to ensure that their wine is served at the ideal temperature.

    Here is a description of the different styles of wine thermometers and some reputable European manufacturers:

    Digital wine thermometers: These thermometers are equipped with a digital screen that displays the current temperature of the wine. They are usually inserted directly into the wine bottle or attached to the outside of the bottle. Some models can

    Climadiff -  - Wine Thermometer
    Wine Thermometer

    A thermometer and a hygrometer combined in one product to know all the most important measurements ...

    Sefama - thermomètre oenologique électronique 24,5cm - Wine Thermometer

    The silver electronic onological thermometer is the ideal thermometer for wine lovers. With a length ...

    29.90 € approx.
    Inovalley - thermomètre hygromètre de cave de 20 à 100% - Wine Thermometer

    In order to check the humidity level of your cellar, this thermometer hygrometer will allow you to ...

    13.60 € approx.
    ... even connect to a mobile app for tasting tips.

    Infrared wine thermometers: Infrared wine thermometers measure the temperature without contact by pointing an infrared beam at the surface of the wine. They are fast and precise, but cannot be used for sparkling wines as they require direct contact.

    Probe Wine Thermometers: These thermometers are equipped with a thin probe that can be inserted into the wine bottle to measure the internal temperature of the liquid. They offer precise measurement and are particularly useful for red and white wines.

    Some well-known European manufacturers of wine thermometers include:

    L'Atelier du Vin (France): L'Atelier du Vin offers a range of high quality wine accessories, including digital and probe wine thermometers.

    Peugeot (France): Peugeot, famous for its automobiles, also manufactures wine accessories, including precision wine thermometers.

    Pulltex (Spain): Pulltex offers a variety of wine accessories, including infrared wine thermometers and probe thermometers.

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