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    Hand bell - Dish covers

    A bell is a small instrument usually consisting of a bell suspended from a handle or handle. It is used to produce a clear and distinctive sound by shaking or shaking the bell. Bells are commonly used in various contexts, such as:

    Service Bells: Bells are often used in restaurants, hotels or food service establishments to signal to servers that a customer needs assistance or to indicate the availability of a service.

    Musical Instruments: Bells can be used as musical instruments in various cultures and traditions. They can be played by hand or attached to percussion instruments to add specific

    WHITE LABEL - sonnette à secouer ring for beer objet deco maison - Hand Bell
    10.08 € approx.
    IB Laursen -  - Hand Bell
    IB Laursen

    Pretty bell large model, gilded metal, to hang on a door, a window, to hang on the wall, for a ...

    TOBIAS HARJES -  - Hand Bell
    Price upon request
    D.Lucchesi Porcellane -  - Hand Bell
    D.Lucchesi Porcellane
    ... sounds.

    Decorations and ornaments: Bells are sometimes used as decorative elements or ornaments, especially for Christmas trees, garlands, mobiles, jewellery or accessories.

    Pets: Small bells can be attached to pet collars, such as cats or dogs, to locate them easily or to alert them to their presence.

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