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    Marquetry - Inlaid work and Mosaics

    Marquetry is a craft that consists of creating decorative motifs using fine pieces of wood, mother-of-pearl, metal or other precious materials. These pieces are cut and assembled to form complex and colourful motifs, which are then embedded in furniture, decorative objects or flat surfaces.

    Marquetry requires great precision and a keen sense of detail. Artisans who specialize in marquetry often use traditional techniques, such as hand-cutting pieces, using scroll saws or inlay knives, and carefully assembling patterns.

    Here are some renowned manufacturers and workshops in the field of marquetry:

    • Ateliers Gérard Bosse: Located in France, the Ateliers Gérard Bosse are

    Tropical Woods -  - Marquetry
    Tropical Woods
    Price upon request
    Weldon -  - Marquetry
    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    Tropical Woods
    ... renowned for their expertise in art marquetry. They create high-quality marquetry pieces for custom projects, from furniture to decorative objects.

  • Pierre Ramond: Pierre Ramond is a French marqueter who works mainly on custom furniture projects. Her creations combine the beauty of wood and the complexity of motifs to produce unique and magnificent pieces.

  • Michael C. Fortune Studio: Michael C. Fortune is an American marqueter known for his artistic and functional creations. His studio produces furniture and decorative objects incorporating complex and innovative marquetry motifs.

  • Silas Kopf Woodworking: Silas Kopf is a renowned American cabinetmaker and marqueter. Her studio creates exquisite furniture with marquetry motifs inspired by art and history.

  • Sivonen Marquetry Studio: Located in Finland, Sivonen Marquetry Studio specializes in modern art marquetry. They create unique and contemporary pieces using traditional marquetry techniques.

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