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    Door pediment - Wall decorations

    The top of the door, also known as the lintel, is the upper part of a door opening. It can be made of wood, stone, reinforced concrete or other materials, depending on the structure of the door and the building. Here is some more information about the top of the door:

    • Function: The top of the door has an important structural function. It supports the weight of the masonry above the door opening, thus maintaining the stability of the structure. It also distributes the load to the sides of the opening, thus preventing distortion and sagging.

    • Design: The top

    London Plastercraft -  - Door Pediment
    London Plastercraft
    Price upon request
    Hickory Manor House -  - Door Pediment
    Hickory Manor House
    Price upon request
    Hickory Manor House -  - Door Pediment
    Hickory Manor House
    Price upon request
    Hickory Manor House -  - Door Pediment
    Hickory Manor House
    Price upon request
    Miroirs et trumeaux Daniel Mourre - couronne gris - Door Pediment

    Designer : Daniel MOURRE

    Mirror of art 100% French original creation. Material used: Mirror plaster hard and consolidated by ...

    Price upon request
    MAISONS DU MONDE - fronton arabesque - Door Pediment

    Transform your home with our furniture and decorative objects Homes of the World.

    MAISONS DU MONDE - fronton angelo - Door Pediment

    Elegant and timeless, this collection pays tribute to the know-how of yesteryear. Illuminated by a ...

    29.90 € approx.
    MAISONS DU MONDE - plaque murale yeux bouddha - Door Pediment

    ... the door can have different shapes and patterns depending on the architectural style of the building. In traditional architecture, straight and rectangular lintels are often found, while in more decorative styles, arched, ogival or carved lintels may be found.

  • Materials: The materials used to make the door top depend on the design, the structure of the building and aesthetic preferences. Wood is commonly used for lintels in traditional houses. Modern building materials such as reinforced concrete, natural or artificial stone are also used for their strength and durability.

  • Installation: The installation of the door header should be carried out with care to ensure its strength and stability. The dimensions and construction specifications must comply with the building's standards and structural requirements. It is recommended that qualified professionals, such as masons or building tradesmen, are used for the installation of the top door.

  • When renovating or building a door, it is important to consider the design and material of the door header to match the overall aesthetic. By working with building experts, you can get specific advice and solutions tailored to your needs and project.

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