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    Coffee measure - Distributors

    A coffee measure is a kitchen tool designed to accurately measure the amount of ground coffee needed to prepare a cup or carafe of coffee. This tool is used to obtain the right proportion of coffee compared to water, which guarantees an optimal and consistent taste. Coffee measures are commonly used in homes, cafes and catering establishments to prepare fresh coffee.


    Precise Dosage: The coffee measures allow to dose the exact amount of ground coffee, which is crucial to obtain the desired strength and taste.

    Consistency: By using a coffee measure, you can get a consistent coffee preparation every

    ... time.

    Follow Recipes: Coffee recipes often specify a quantity of ground coffee, and a coffee measure makes it easy to follow these instructions.

    Coffee Saving: A coffee measure helps to avoid coffee waste by using the right amount for each brew.

    Preparing Large Quantities: In cafes and catering establishments, coffee measures are useful for preparing batches of coffee.

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