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    Coffee clip - Cooking utensils

    A coffee tongs, also known as coffee tongs or coffee bag tongs, is a small kitchen tool used to hermetically seal coffee bags or other powdered products, such as tea, sugar, spices, etc. It is designed to prevent moisture and air from entering the bag, which helps preserve the freshness and flavor of the contents.

    Here are some well-known European cookware brands that can offer coffee tongs among their products:

    WMF (Germany): WMF is a German company renowned for its high-quality kitchen utensils. They produce a variety of kitchen accessories, including coffee tongs, under their range of household utensils.


    ... (Germany): Zwilling is another German company that manufactures kitchen utensils and accessories, and they can also offer coffee tongs.

    Fiskars (Finland): Fiskars is a well-established Finnish brand in the field of kitchen and garden tools. They have a range of kitchen utensils that can include coffee tongs.

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