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    Meat clamp - Cooking utensils

    A "leg iron" is a traditional kitchen utensil used to prepare and cook leg of lamb, which are pieces of meat from the leg of lamb. This utensil is designed to facilitate the uniform cooking of the leg of lamb in an upright position, which allows the heat to circulate around the meat and cook it evenly.

    Characteristics of a leg iron:

    Shape and design: A leg iron is usually composed of two metal pieces in the shape of an open U. These two parts are fixed on either side of the leg to keep it in an upright

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    Vertical support: Both parts of the iron are adjusted to keep the lamb leg in an upright position. This allows the meat to cook evenly on all sides.

    Holding rods: Each piece of leg iron has rods or hooks that grip the meat and hold it in place. This prevents the leg from sagging during cooking.

    Handles: The handles on the sides of the leg iron make it easy to handle and place the meat.

    Using a leg iron:

    Preparation of the meat: The leg of lamb is threaded on the stems of the leg iron, making sure that it is well maintained in an upright position.

    Cooking: The leg iron is placed in a suitable baking dish. The meat can be seasoned and cooked according to the chosen recipe.

    Even cooking: The upright position allows heat to circulate around the leg, ensuring even cooking on all sides.

    Removal and cutting: Once cooked, the leg of lamb is removed from the iron and sliced to be served.

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