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    False beam - Beam

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    The hollow beam, more commonly known as a "false beam", is a perfect solution to add cachet to a room. It imitates an exposed beam to perfection and will give a whole new identity to your ceilings, because the false beam is a powerful charm for our interior.



    Use of the false beam

    In contrast to the IPN beam, which has a predominant role in masonry, the false beam is designed for purely decorative purposes. The main advantage of this type of beam is that it adapts to any ceiling. The main advantage of this type of

    COLOURS -  - False Beam

    Decorative beam in U natural fir 10.5 x 13.7 cm L.2,9 ...

    Price upon request


    Chêne Decors
    COLOURS -  - False Beam

    Polyurethane beam Decosa Tirol light oak 12 x 12 cm L ...

    Price upon request
    COLOURS -  - False Beam

    White polyurethane beam 9 x 6 cm L.3 m | Castorama

    Price upon request
    ... beam is that it can be adapted to any ceiling. Manufactured in the shape of a "U", it can also be used to hide electrical wires and piping like a skirting board. In addition, some models offer a recessed lighting system for even more design and modernity.



    Different hollow beam models

    To adapt perfectly to all styles of interior decoration, there are many varieties of colours and finishes: raw wood, tree trunks, carved wood... In addition, to satisfy all requests, you will find beam models in different materials, the most common being wood, polyurethane and polystyrene.



    Fake wooden beam :

    It is perfect to bring a rustic touch to an interior decoration. It gives a cottage or old house style, just like the fake beams offered by La Boutique du Bois.


    Polyurethane false beam :

    It imitates wood to perfection and requires very little maintenance. Of very good quality, this fake beam is cheaper than the raw wood one and a wide choice of beams is available, as at Nevadeco.


    Polystyrene false beam :

    Polystyrene can also be used as a material for beams. It is very light and inexpensive, but is also very fragile. Imitation wood is less conclusive than polyurethane and wood, but it is the cheapest of the three. In addition, you can find some polystyrene products at As Country Stone.


    To help you in this step and choose the best type of false beams, we have prepared an article to advise you: How to choose a false beam?



    Price range

    The price varies according to style, dimensions, materials... But here is an exhaustive example of a price range. For a 3 m x 20 mm polyurethane hollow beam, count between 30 € and 50 €. For false wooden beams of 3 x 15 mm, the price is rather between 100 € and 200 €.



    Hollow beams: easy installation

    You don't have to be a DIY whiz to lay hollow beams. Only the wooden ones require reinforced fixing, otherwise the others are glued. However, there are a few steps to follow to make sure they are installed correctly. For example, follow our installation guide: How to install false beams?

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