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    Vinaigrette bottle - Preserves (Containers-Pots-Jars)

    A vinegar maker is a container specially designed to make homemade vinegar from wine or other fermented liquids. It controls the fermentation and aging process of vinegar.

    Here is a description of the different styles of vinegar makers and some renowned European manufacturers:

    Wooden vinegar maker: Wooden vinegar makers are traditional and can add a rustic touch to vinegar making. They are usually made of oak or other softwood. The wood allows a slow aeration, favoring the growth of the mother of vinegar (a colony of acetic bacteria) and the fermentation process.

    European wooden vinegar manufacturers: Eschenfelder (Germany), Soligt

    MANUFACTURE DE DIGOIN -  - Vinaigrette Bottle
    Vinaigrette Bottle

    To transform your wine or cider into vinegar, you must first prepare the vinegar "mother". When it ...

    Price upon request
    POTERIE TURGIS -  - Vinaigrette Bottle

    Vinegar in turquoise glazed stoneware guaranteed lead-free comes with its tap and cork ready to ...

    Glass vinegar makers: Glass vinegar makers are modern and allow to easily monitor the fermentation process thanks to their transparency. They are usually equipped with a lid made of cork or perforated plastic to allow ventilation.

    European glass vinegar manufacturers: Kilner (UK), Bormioli Rocco (Italy).
    Stainless steel vinegar maker: Stainless steel vinegar makers are durable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean. They are perfect for making vinegar on a large scale.

    European manufacturers of stainless steel vinegars: Fermentation Solutions (UK), Artenostro (Italy).

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