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    Bust sculpture - Statuary

    A bust is an artistic representation of the upper part of the human body, generally comprising the head, neck and shoulders. It can be created in sculpture, painting or any other form of visual art.

    Here are some characteristics and information about busts:

    Partial representation of the body: Unlike a full-length sculpture, which represents the whole body, a bust focuses on the upper part of the human body, emphasising the face and shoulders.
    Relief sculpture: A bust can be created in relief sculpture, where the representation is attached to a flat or slightly protruding background. It can also be sculpted

    MAISONS DU MONDE - buste vénus - Bust Sculpture

    Elegant and timeless, this collection pays tribute to the know-how of yesteryear. Illuminated by a ...

    Rossato Giovanni -  - Bust Sculpture
    Rossato Giovanni
    Price upon request
    SYLVIE FALCONNIER -  - Bust Sculpture

    Great bust / vertigo / the tottering man. Very moving sculpture.

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    Aveline Anthony Redmile Enzo Zago Rossato Giovanni FLORENCE SECHAUD POGGI UGO SOPHIA
    MEN'S SOCIETY -  - Bust Sculpture
    Price upon request
    POGGI UGO -  - Bust Sculpture
    229 € approx.
    SYLVIE FALCONNIER -  - Bust Sculpture

    Bust, vertigo, the man tottering.

    Price upon request
    SOPHIA - male torso large - Bust Sculpture
    male torso large

    Male Torso Large Weight: 3400 gr Dimension: 38x15x12cm Material: ceramine

    SOPHIA - venus bust - Bust Sculpture
    venus bust

    Dimension: 16,5x6x6cm

    FLORENCE SECHAUD -  - Bust Sculpture
    Price upon request
    FLORENCE SECHAUD -  - Bust Sculpture
    Price upon request
    Anthony Redmile - venus - Bust Sculpture
    Anthony Redmile


    Price upon request
    Aveline -  - Bust Sculpture

    An exceptional pair of busts in polychrome faience portraying the figures of Cicero and probably ...

    Price upon request
    GALERIE DES VICTOIRES - enfant - Bust Sculpture

    Small gilded bronze bust of a child signed Jean-Marie CAMUS (1877-1955). Casting of old edition ...

    Anthony Redmile - napoleon - Bust Sculpture
    Anthony Redmile
    Price upon request
    Anthony Redmile -  - Bust Sculpture
    Anthony Redmile
    Price upon request
    Aveline -  - Bust Sculpture

    A chest of Minerve made out of onyx, steel, gilded and embossed copper. Period : Reutlingen, 1887 ...

    Price upon request
    Aveline -  - Bust Sculpture

    An exceptional pair of busts in polychrome faience portraying the figures of Cicero and probably ...

    Price upon request
    Roberto Giovannini -  - Bust Sculpture
    Roberto Giovannini
    Price upon request
    DECORAR CON ARTE -  - Bust Sculpture

    A high quality reproduction in marble and natural stone with resin (resin + marble powder). ...

    Price upon request
    ANNA BOROWSKI -  - Bust Sculpture

    Modeling in clay and plastiline, Sculpture on polyurethane foam, Elastomeric mold, Aluminum filled ...

    Price upon request
    MARIE TALALAEFF -  - Bust Sculpture

    Frame in iron, paper, acrylic paint, waxed object. Marie Talalaeff works with paper and her works ...

    Price upon request
    ELUSIO -  - Bust Sculpture
    Price upon request
    LIGERIO - marc antoine - Bust Sculpture

    All the nobility of Ancient Rome can be found in this bust of Mark Antony. This bust represents Mark ...

    AGNÈS BAILLON -  - Bust Sculpture

    3 choristers h17 cm

    Price upon request
    DECORAR CON ARTE -  - Bust Sculpture

    David by Michelangelo / reproduction H38cm. in marble powder reconstituted with resin. with soil to ...

    gypsum art -  - Bust Sculpture
    gypsum art

    Height (Cm): 61 Width (Cm): 40 Depth (Cm): 30 Diameter (Cm): 114

    La bonne accroche - buste mathilde - Bust Sculpture

    BUST woman MATHILDE, covered with jersey with wooden base. Colors: beige. Size M.

    Price upon request
    ANNE-VALÉRIE DUPOND -  - Bust Sculpture
    Price upon request
    MICHELLE CHIECCHIO - ecce homo - Bust Sculpture
    Price upon request
    Charme d'Antan -  - Bust Sculpture
    Charme d'Antan

    Beautiful bust of the famous Ludwig Van Beethoven in precious marble: alabaster, a material used ...

    29.90 € approx.
    Galerie Jérôme Pla - éneque et homere attribués à francesco r - Bust Sculpture
    Galerie Jérôme Pla
    éneque et homere attribués à francesco r

    Pair of busts in antique bronze attributed to Francesco Righetti representing Seneque and Bronze ...

    Price upon request
    MOSAICOCO - naissance de la féminité - Bust Sculpture

    Glass mosaic bust, smalts, golds, millefiori. Sun: 55 cm high x 25 cm wide

    700 € approx.
    Galerie Jérôme Pla - buste du général hoche - Bust Sculpture
    Galerie Jérôme Pla

    Designer : Henri Lemaire

    Rare polychrome plaster bust depicting General Hoche signed Henri Lemaire (1798-1880) Dimensions ...

    Price upon request
    Antiques Forain -  - Bust Sculpture

    Bust Evèque marble Description: Carrara marble bust: Eveque d'Annecy, Dubois de la vilrabel.

    Price upon request
    Lola Brocante - buste de marianne - Bust Sculpture
    Lola Brocante
    Price upon request
    Jacques Barrere - buste de divinite feminine - Bust Sculpture
    Jacques Barrere

    Grey sandstone with brown patina School of Baphuon - Early 11th century Height: 17.5 cm

    Price upon request
    Galerie de Souzy - l'aiglon, buste en terre cuite - Bust Sculpture

    Designer : Goldscheider par Louis OURY

    Goldscheider DIMENSIONS polychrome patina terracotta: Height: 65 cm (Louis OURY)

    Price upon request
    CALTON GALLERY - bacchante, a bust. - Bust Sculpture
    bacchante, a bust.

    Designer : Joseph-Marie-Thomas (Jef) Lambeaux

    Bacchante, a Bust. The Bacchantes were priestess escorts to Dionysus, the twice-born god (Bacchus), ...

    Price upon request
    Rosenberg & Stiebel - buste en marbre - Bust Sculpture
    Rosenberg & Stiebel
    buste en marbre

    Designer : Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

    Bacchante with roses, 1869 White marble

    Price upon request
    Galerie Noir d'Ivoire - buste de jeune guerrier - Bust Sculpture
    Galerie Noir d'Ivoire

    Bust of Young Warrior Nok, Nigeria Presumed Period: 5th century BC in the 5th century AD ...

    Price upon request
    AUX MAINS DE BRONZE - fillette ciseler par louchet - Bust Sculpture

    Signature: LouchetPrix: 450 uroFillette with a St Réne and Polette inscription

    Price upon request
    Antiquités Bazin -  - Bust Sculpture
    Antiquités Bazin
    Price upon request
    MUSEUM-SHOP -  - Bust Sculpture

    Bust of Emperor Julius Caesar, bronze reproduction of the original bust, Vatican Museums, Rome. ...

    ... in the round, where the representation is entirely sculpted and visible from all angles.
    Portraits: Busts are often portraits of specific individuals, depicting their facial features, expressions and personality.
    Materials: Busts can be made from a variety of materials, such as stone, marble, bronze, clay, plaster or any other sculptable material.
    Historical use: Busts have been used since Antiquity to represent important figures, such as rulers, heroes or divinities. They have often been used as a means of perpetuating memory and glorifying individuals.
    Decorative and artistic: Busts are also used for decorative or artistic purposes, as collector's items, ornaments or works of art.
    Size: Busts can vary in size, from small sculptures just a few centimetres high to large monumental pieces.
    Presentation: Busts can be displayed on pedestals or special supports, showcasing them and allowing them to be admired from different angles.
    Busts are valued for their ability to capture a person's features and expression, giving them a presence and preservation over time. They continue to be used in contemporary art to represent individuals and for their aesthetic value. 

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