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    Disappearing stair - Stairs and ladders

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    The different types of stairs a staircase connecting a ground floor to the rooms of the first floor. This style of staircase is of course widely used. It must therefore be wide enough (80 cm at the minimum) to allow furniture and all kinds of bulky objects to pass through. Spiral staircases, even if they take up little space, are not really adapted to everyday life and present a certain danger to young children or the elderly. Instead, opt for a straight staircase, or 1/4 turning or 2/4 turning. For the material, think in terms of durability. Oak, tauari or ...
    Jf Diffusion -  - Disappearing Stair
    Jf Diffusion
    Price upon request


    Fritz -  - Disappearing Stair

    Three-piece self-supporting staircase, adjustable in height. Galvanized irons and clearing springs

    Price upon request
    Ch Distribution -  - Disappearing Stair
    Ch Distribution
    Price upon request
    MINKA -  - Disappearing Stair
    Price upon request
    MINKA -  - Disappearing Stair
    Price upon request
    ... oak, although more expensive, will age much better. For secondary access (cave, attic, mezzanine), the shape of the staircase depends mainly on the space you have. Miller's staircase, helical stairs (spiral), whatever its shape, save on the material. Less frequented, this type of staircase is less likely to wear. Pine or fir will be perfect and you can customize them with lasure or paint. There are also retractable stairs, often used to access undeveloped attics. Some models are offered with or without counter-steps. These steps give a more traditional side. You will then be able to arrange the space below the stairs in storage space: closet, shoe closet, wooden warehouses. On the other hand, if the staircase is in a living room (living room, office), it is chosen as "light" as possible, without steps, with or without ramp or balusters. It blends into the room and does not block the passage of light. This style corresponds to a more contemporary interior.

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