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    Mobile desk drawer unit - Cupboards and storage

    Mobile pedestal: the end of static storage.

    Coming from the corporate world, the mobile pedestal is a drawer cabinet with wheels that allows you to move with you the files you need. Equipped with "a lock closure to keep under lock the most precious documents, it presents a system of centralized opening, sliding drawers and handles resistant to the traction that facilitate handling and gripping. The mobile pedestal also has a drawer for hanging files. It is made of high-resilience materials: "steel, anodized aluminum, thick particle boards.

    The mobile cabinet, an industrial piece of furniture.
    We like, at home, this

    Adentro -  - Mobile Desk Drawer Unit

    Designer : Marco Zanuso Jr

    Design with their silhouette with rounded edges, they can be used in an entrance or office, or, for ...

    QUIDAM -  - Mobile Desk Drawer Unit
    Price upon request
    Emmebi - prisma - Mobile Desk Drawer Unit

    Designer : Pietro Arosio

    Collection of drawer units which can be composed in height and width with top in one single piece ...

    Price upon request
    REINHARD SACHSELN - spinoff  - Mobile Desk Drawer Unit

    Material: matte anodized aluminum, medium panels, walnut or lacquered veneer, powdered steel sheet ...

    Price upon request
    Bretford -  - Mobile Desk Drawer Unit
    Price upon request
    Helen Allen - cube unit - Mobile Desk Drawer Unit
    Helen Allen

    Cube is a family of storage units mounted on castors with an interlocking storage door and main ...

    Price upon request
    Maine Office -  - Mobile Desk Drawer Unit
    Maine Office
    Price upon request
    Dura - uc-0607c - Mobile Desk Drawer Unit

    Under-bench tool storage cabinet with 7 drawers to fit within 600mm space. Cabinet dimensions: ...

    Price upon request
    Dura - bu-014 - Mobile Desk Drawer Unit

    600 series tool storage cabinet with a single door. Cabinet dimensions: 600mm wide, 950mm high, ...

    Price upon request
    ... industrial-style furniture that fits everywhere, particularly adapted to the new mobile working modes allowed by the laptop. Made of steel, the finest examples have a rigorous and geometric beauty that is sufficient for itself, while the veneer boxes recall the warmth of wood. More luxurious, some models show a leather-wrapped structure, while the "use of color creates rhythmic façades, well in keeping with the mobility of this piece of furniture.

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