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    Masher - Cooking utensils

    A skimmer, also known as a decrepit, is a device used to separate cream from milk. This makes it possible to obtain fresh cream from milk by eliminating a large part of the fat contained in the milk.

    Skimmers are mainly used on dairy farms and kitchens to produce cream and other low-fat dairy products.

    Some skimmer manufacturers in Europe include:

    Alfa Laval: This Swedish company is a major player in the manufacture of equipment for the food industries, including skimmers and milk separators.

    DeLaval: A Swedish brand that offers a range of dairy equipment, including skimmers, for dairy

    Aquaplus Solutions -  - Masher
    Aquaplus Solutions

    Inground Jacuzzi Widemouth Skimmer - Vinyl

    Price upon request

    Milky: This Italian company produces dairy equipment, including skimmers, for small farms and domestic users.

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