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    Couscous cooker - Casseroles

    Couscoussier is a traditional kitchen utensil widely used in Mediterranean and North African cuisines to cook couscous, a dish of fine wheat semolina. It consists of two main parts: a lower pot for cooking ingredients and a high perforated container for steaming semolina.

    Stainless steel couscoussier:

    Stainless steel couscoussiers are durable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.
    They are available in a variety of sizes to meet different cooking needs.
    Some models have insulated handles for easy handling.
    Renowned European manufacturers: De Buyer (France), Beka (Belgium), Alessi (Italy).
    Aluminum Couscoussier:

    Aluminum couscoussiers are lightweight and heat up quickly, making them

    CADOMUS -  - Couscous Cooker

    Beka brand. Couscoussier Polo 24 cm 8.5 liters,Height: 33.5 cm, Diameter: 24 cm, Capacity: 8.5 L, ...

    ... convenient for cooking couscous.
    They are generally cheaper than stainless steel models.
    However, aluminum can react with some acidic ingredients, so make sure they are well coated or enamelled.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Lagostina (Italy), Moneta (Italy).
    Copper couscoussier:

    Copper couscoussiers are appreciated for their excellent thermal conductivity, which allows precise control of cooking.
    They are often lined with tin to avoid any chemical reaction with food.
    Copper couscoussiers are appreciated for their attractive aesthetics.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Mauviel (France), Ruffoni (Italy).

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