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    Freezer - Refrigerators and freezers

    A freezer is a refrigeration appliance designed to store food and products at extremely low temperatures, usually below zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). These devices are essential to keep food fresh for a long time by preventing its decomposition. Here is a description of the different styles of freezers and some renowned European manufacturers in this area:

    Freezer styles:

    Vertical freezer:

    Upright freezers look like refrigerators and are designed for use at home. They have shelves or drawers to organize frozen food conveniently.
    Chest freezer:

    Chest freezers are horizontal devices that offer a large storage capacity. They are often

    Bosch -  - Freezer

    Freezer Cabinet Total volume: Standard volume of 237 L Consumption: Eco A++

    Whirlpool - congélateur 1430869 - Freezer

    Cuisine Meuble de cuisine Hotte aspirante Filtre pour hotte WHIRLPOOL, Convoyeur d'air pour ...

    De Dietrich -  - Freezer
    De Dietrich

    Cuisine Meuble de cuisine Hotte aspirante Filtre pour hotte DE DIETRICH, Portillon de freezer pour ...

    Frigelux - noir armoire 218l - Freezer
    noir armoire 218l

    Vintage design: The FrigeluX 218L Retro Cabinet Refrigerator represents a perfect balance between ...

    COOLZONE -  - Freezer

    This large chest freezer is ideal for freezing bulk food. It has an upper opening and can be stored ...

    Price upon request
    HISENSE -  - Freezer

    Type Chest freezer Energy class F Useful volume (L) 384 L Type of cold Static Autonomy (min) 41 h ...

    ... used in garages or basements.
    Built-in freezer:

    Built-in freezers are designed to be integrated into kitchen cabinets, which makes it possible to hide them in the furniture.
    Drawer freezer:

    Drawer freezers have stackable or removable drawers that facilitate access and organization of frozen food.
    Cabinet freezer:

    Cabinet freezers are large vertical freezers with multiple shelves and drawers, offering great storage capacity.
    Ice Freezer:

    Ice freezers are small portable freezers often used for making ice cubes or storing small frozen items.
    Professional freezer:

    Professional freezers are designed for commercial use, especially in restaurants, hotels and catering establishments.
    European manufacturers of renowned freezers:

    Bosch (Germany)

    Liebherr (Germany)

    Miele (Germany)

    AEG (Sweden)

    Electrolux (Sweden)

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