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    Flue brush - Fireside accessories

    A chimney hedgehog, also called a hedgehog broom, is an accessory designed specifically for cleaning and maintaining chimney ducts. It is a flexible and flexible rod with hard bristles or metal wires that dislodge soot, residues and deposits accumulated inside the chimney duct.

    Use of a chimney hedgehog:

    Preparation: Before using a chimney hedgehog, make sure the chimney is turned off and the ashes are cooled.

    Assembly: If necessary, assemble the various rods of the hedgehog broom to reach the desired length.

    Insert: Insert the end of the hedgehog brush into the chimney duct from the top or bottom, according

    l'art du bois -  - Flue Brush
    l'art du bois
    Price upon request
    ... to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    Sweeping: Turn and slide the hedgehog broom through the chimney duct while applying light pressure. The bristles or threads of the broom rub against the walls of the duct, dislodging soot and accumulated residue.

    Removal: After the sweep is complete, gently remove the hedgehog broom from the chimney duct.

    Cleaning: Clean the hedgehog broom thoroughly after use to remove residues and soot particles.

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