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    Refresher - Cleaning agents and abrasives

    The term "feeder" can be used to refer to different types of products, depending on the context in which it is used.

    Generally, a ravisher is a care product designed to restore shine, revive colors or restore the original beauty of different surfaces, materials or objects.

    Examples of well-known European breeders and manufacturers associated with these products include:

    Textile colour ravisher: Some European manufacturers offer colour ravishers specially designed to revive and renovate the colours of textiles, such as upholstery fabrics, carpets, curtains, clothing, etc. These gullies can help restore radiance to discoloured fabrics through wear or sun exposure.


    PLASTOR -  - Refresher

    The metal rekindling extends the life of the vitrifier's film by protecting it from wear (abrasion, ...

    Price upon request
    CHANDO SHANGHAI -  - Refresher

    Chando car refresher, made entirely of porcelain, an absolutely innovative product to perfume and ...

    Price upon request
    ... Feeder: For wood surfaces, such as furniture or parquet, there are feeders that nourish the wood, enhance its color and provide an additional layer of protection to give it a revitalized appearance.

    Leather Ravisher: Leather ravishers are designed to clean, nourish and restore the appearance of leather by giving it suppleness and shine.

    Metal Stripper: For metal surfaces, such as door handles, faucets or stainless steel kitchen utensils, there are specific strippers that remove fingerprints, dirt and shine.

    Plastic Collectors: Some manufacturers offer plastic collectors, such as car bumpers, garden furniture, etc., which can revive and protect these surfaces from the effects of time and UV rays.

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