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    Chip strainer - Various kitchen and cooking items

    The cooking spider is an essential cooking utensil for frying, often used to dip food in hot oil. It usually consists of a long handle and a grid or metal cloth that makes it easy to remove fried food from the oil.

    Grill Cooking Spider:

    This cooking spider style is equipped with a metal grate that allows the oil to easily drain from fried food.
    The grid can be made of stainless steel, wire or wire mesh, offering a variety of mesh sizes for different types of food.
    The handles are usually made of wood, plastic or metal for a

    Rösle France William Bounds -  - Chip Strainer
    Rösle France William Bounds
    Price upon request
    Matfer Bourgeat -  - Chip Strainer
    Matfer Bourgeat

    15 cm MATFER, Frying skimmer or welded stainless steel wire spider.


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    Les Specialistes

    Rösle France William Bounds Matfer Bourgeat
    ... comfortable grip.
    Popular European manufacturers: Paderno (Italy), de Buyer (France) and Küchenprofi (Germany).
    Web Fried Spider:

    This style of cooking spider is equipped with a metal web, similar to a sieve, which allows to remove food from the oil while allowing excess oil to drip.
    The canvas can be flat or slightly curved to facilitate food collection.
    It is often made of stainless steel for its durability and ease of cleaning.
    Notable European manufacturers: Rösle (Germany) and Lacor (Spain).

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