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    Butter curler - Cutting and Peeling

    A "butter shell", more commonly called "butter maker" or "butter container", is a kitchen accessory designed specifically to store and serve butter at room temperature while protecting it from external contaminants and facilitating its use. Butter can be hard to spread right out of the fridge, and that’s where the butter comes in.

    Here are some examples of European manufacturers that might offer butter shells:

    Emile Henry (France): Emile Henry is known for his high-quality ceramic products for the kitchen, including butter dishes.

    Le Creuset (France): This brand is famous for its enamelled cast iron kitchen products, but it also

    ... offers a range of kitchen accessories, including ceramic butter dishes.

    Rosendahl Copenhagen (Denmark): Rosendahl offers a variety of interior and kitchen design items, including elegant and functional butterers.

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