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    Pasta maker - Various equipment

    A pasta machine is a device designed to make fresh pasta from flour and eggs (or water). These machines are very popular in traditional Italian cuisine and are also used by cooking enthusiasts around the world to prepare fresh homemade pasta.

    Different styles of pasta machines:

    Manual: Manual pasta machines are powered by a crank that the user turns to flatten and cut the dough. They are generally compact, affordable and ideal for home use.
    Electric: Electric pasta machines have a motor that powers the rollers, making it possible to prepare pasta faster and with less effort. They are ideal

    CHR SHOP -  - Pasta Maker

    To prepare fettucine, lasagna, tagliatelle, spaghetti and taglierini in the comfort of your kitchen. ...

    Marcato -  - Pasta Maker

    Accessory raviolini. For PATATLAS pasta machine.


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    CHR SHOP Marcato
    ... for frequent users or for professional use.
    Kitchen Robot Attachments: Some pasta machines are designed for use with kitchen robots, such as KitchenAid, and can be attached to the robot to facilitate the pasta preparation process.
    Renowned European manufacturers of pasta machines:

    Imperia (Italy): Imperia is one of the most emblematic pasta machine manufacturers in Italy, offering a range of high quality products for the preparation of fresh pasta.
    Marcato (Italy): Marcato is another Italian manufacturer renowned for its quality pasta machines, including the Atlas model, which is very popular worldwide.
    Philips (Netherlands): Philips offers modern and convenient electric pasta machines and attachments for their kitchen robots.

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