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    Shoe polishing kit - Maintenance products

    A shoe polish kit is a set of accessories and products used to polish and maintain leather shoes. It is designed to contain all the essential elements needed to clean, nourish and shine the shoes, thus keeping them in good condition and prolonging their lifespan.

    A typical waxing kit typically includes:

    Shoe Polish: Shoe polish boxes of different colours are included in the kit to match the shoes to their original colour. Polishing is used to nourish the leather, protect it and restore its shine.

    Shoe brush: A soft bristle brush to remove dust and dirt from shoes before applying

    Equinoxe -  - Shoe Polishing Kit
    Price upon request
    FAMACO PARIS -  - Shoe Polishing Kit

    Travel waxing kit, elegant and sober. 1 Sil'Best black, 1 Sil'Best colourless,2 PM palot brushes ...

    Price upon request
    Woodlore -  - Shoe Polishing Kit
    Price upon request
    LOXWOOD -  - Shoe Polishing Kit
    Price upon request
    FAMACO PARIS -  - Shoe Polishing Kit

    1 Badger brush Bubenga black silk, 1 Badger brush Bubenga white silk 1 colorless apple tree, 1 black ...

    Price upon request
    ... shoe polish.

    Cloths: Soft, lint-free cloths are included to apply and polish shoe polish.

    Waxing sponge or applicator: A specific sponge or applicator may be provided to facilitate the uniform application of waxing.

    Waxing Glove: A glove can be included to protect the hands during the waxing process.

    Shoe polish: Some shoe polish sets may include a polish to give extra shine to shoes after shoe polish.

    Shoe wipes: Special wipes can be provided for quick and convenient shoe cleaning.

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