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    Gas stove - Stoves, hearths, enclosed heaters

    A gas stove is a self-contained heater that works by burning natural gas or propane to produce heat and heat an indoor space. Unlike wood stoves, gas stoves do not need wood or pellets as fuel, but rather use a flammable gas source. They are popular for their ease of use, energy efficiency and precise temperature control.

    The long yellow and romantic flames as well as the pleasant heat radiation are hardly different from those offered by a wood fire. They run on natural gas or propane.

    DRU - convexo eco wave - Gas Stove
    convexo eco wave

    This freestanding gas fireplace offers a beautiful view of the flame pattern with three glass panes. ...

    Price upon request
    Stanley - poêle à gaz 1419179 - Gas Stove
    WANDERS - onyx - Gas Stove

    Power: 5.3kW, Efficiency: 91,2% (in %),Onyx, gas stove. Available suspended or on a stand. The stand ...

    Price upon request

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