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More than just a frame
The door frame, it is these parts, side dishes of plasters, woods, stone or metal, that come in finish around doors. As well welcomed inside as outside, these door frames embellish four corners of outcomes, allowing the light to marry the wall outlines.

The frame, a former process, but also current

These mouldings, which aim at decorating the circumference of doors, exist since millenniums. We find the first frames in monuments, buildings, of the ancient Egypt. It is mater, to the Renaissance, until today, that door frame will return to the styles of the day. ...

The utility of the door framing

It is before anything else embellishing it, proposing and putting an outline around an entrance, and/or exit. The frame, or the moulding, allows to hide the defects that could let show through the various layers at the level of the joints of door. But, it also allows to sieve rays of light so that they can marry the space and the forms of master keys.

Several types of frames, for several different side dishes

There is so much door frame, if it is no more types of doors. On one hand, we find the mouldings said “convex”, traditional, that we can recognize by their rectangular form. On the other hand, the side dishes said “concaves”, which they recognize themselves in their rounded shape. As for the shape, it goes from the basic frame, without motive, to the artistic frame, decorated with mouldings.

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