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    Mosaic wall tile - Wall tiles

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    Zellige Le Zellige is the most typical Moroccan art form and uses the technique of enamelled terracotta. These are actually 10x10-centimetre terracotta tiles covered with enamel. These tiles are hand-cut using a heavy hammer (menqach) that contrasts with the delicacy of the pieces obtained. The zelliges tailor sits with his arms resting on his knees in front of a plinth on which is arranged a metal or marble tablet. With a continuous and precise movement, it detaches the fragment designed beforehand on the enamelled tile. Thanks to the metal or marble plate, the zellige does not crash and the breaks ...
    Carrelage  Palatino -  - Mosaic Wall Tile
    Carrelage Palatino


    Price upon request


    CasaLux Home Design
    Carrelage  Palatino
    ... are clear. The smallest pieces (frames) are finally cut into bevels to give on the reverse a larger area of mortar intake.

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