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    School bench - Office chairs

    There are different types of school benches that are designed to meet the specific needs of students and classrooms. Here are some examples of the different types of school benches:

    Classic school bench: This is the traditional school bench consisting of a fixed table top attached to a bench. This type of bench is generally used in standard classrooms and can accommodate several students.

    Individual bench: Unlike the classic school bench, the individual bench is designed to accommodate only one student at a time. It is generally wider and offers more space for the student.

    Bench with storage: Some school

    CLEMENS GERSTENBERGER STUDIO - tidelands modern bench - School Bench

    Designer : Clemens Gerstenberger

    Price upon request
    ... benches are equipped with built-in storage, such as lockers or compartments, allowing students to store their personal belongings.

    Adjustable benches: These benches adjust the height of the seat and sometimes even the tilt of the table top, to adapt to the ergonomic needs of each student.

    Benches with ergonomic seats: Some school benches are designed with an ergonomic seat that provides additional support for the back and posture of students, promoting comfort and concentration during class hours.

    Benches with wheels: These benches are equipped with wheels to facilitate the movement and reorganization of the classroom space.

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