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    Dish cover - Dish covers

    A flat bell is an accessory used to cover and protect food dishes. It is usually composed of a glass or transparent plastic lid and a base that fits the dish.

    Often used in restaurants, it brings a chic touch to the table, it dresses a cake, it personalizes a dish and above all it keeps pies and food in general warm. It is found transparent, in stainless steel or porcelain. It exists in many different sizes s"adapting to each dish.

    Here are some famous European manufacturers of flat bells:

    APS Germany: APS is a German company specialized in table

    MAISONS DU MONDE - cloche leaudreville - Dish Cover

    Elegant and timeless, this collection pays tribute to the know-how of yesteryear. Illuminated by a ...

    Eternum -  - Dish Cover
    Price upon request

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    Culinary Concepts Eternum Maison de Famille MAISONS DU MONDE Antiquités du marché des Ternes
    Maison de Famille -  - Dish Cover
    Maison de Famille
    Price upon request
    Culinary Concepts - large beaded edge cake stand with domed lid - Dish Cover
    Culinary Concepts

    Morning tea - a lovely time of day full of yummy treats simply crying out to be eaten and what ...

    Price upon request
    WHITE LABEL - couvercle cloche à micro-ondes ètre - Dish Cover
    Price upon request
    Antiquités du marché des Ternes - cloche couvre-plat en métal argenté - Dish Cover
    Antiquités du marché des Ternes

    Silver metal service bell, wide ribs and mouldings of godrons, the chiseled fret. Second half of the ...

    290 € approx.
    ... and service accessories for the hotel and catering industry. They offer a range of flat bells of different sizes and materials.

    Guzzini: Guzzini is an Italian brand renowned for its kitchen and table design products. They offer elegant and functional flat bells, with high quality plastic options.

    Emile Henry: Emile Henry is a French company that manufactures high-quality culinary ceramics. They offer flat ceramic bells, which add a touch of elegance to the presentation of dishes.

    BIA Cordon Bleu: BIA Cordon Bleu is an American brand specialized in table and kitchen products. They offer flat bells in porcelain or glass, suitable for everyday use or for special occasions.

    Ibili: Ibili is a Spanish brand that offers a wide range of kitchen utensils and household items. Their collection includes flat bells of different sizes and materials, suitable for various uses.

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