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    Fake fireplace - Fireplaces

    A false fireplace is a decorative structure that mimics the appearance of a traditional fireplace without necessarily having a heating function. It can be used to add a touch of charm, comfort and style to an interior space, even if the room is not equipped with a functional fireplace flue.

    European manufacturers of fake chimneys:

    Focus: Based in France, Focus is a renowned brand in the design of contemporary fireplaces and innovative heating solutions. Their range includes wall and hanging fireplaces with a bold design.

    Chesneys: Based in the UK, Chesneys specializes in classic and traditional style fireplaces and stoves,

    ... with options for stylish fake fireplaces.

    Spartherm: This German company offers a variety of modern and energy-efficient fireplaces, as well as heating solutions. Their products include ethanol fireplaces and ductless models.

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