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    Brioche tin - Moulds

    A brioche mold is a kitchen utensil specially designed for baking brioches, a type of sweet and fluffy bread of French origin. The brioche moulds are designed to give the brioches their characteristic shape and help cook evenly. Some typical characteristics of a brioche mould are:

    Characteristic shape: Brioche molds usually have a cylindrical shape, similar to a truncated cone, with straight sides and a flat base. This shape allows the buns to cook evenly and take on their traditional shape, with a wider base and a slightly swollen top.

    Material: Brioche molds are made of various materials including metal,

    ... silicone and ceramics. Metal moulds are the most common and are often non-stick to facilitate the demoulding of buns.

    Grooves: Some brioche molds have grooves inside to give a particular texture to the brioche and facilitate even cooking.

    Varied size: Brioche molds are available in different sizes to suit the amount of dough you want to use and the number of servings you want to prepare.

    Lid: Some brioche moulds are sold with a lid, which allows them to be closed while the dough is rising and baking, creating a wetter baking environment for an even softer brioche.

    The use of a brioche mold greatly facilitates the preparation of this delicious sweet bread. Once the brioche dough is prepared, it is placed in the mould, left to rest to allow the dough to rise, then baked. The brioche mold allows to obtain a brioche of regular shape and an even cooking, which is essential to obtain a soft texture and a beautiful appearance.

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