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    Double sink - Sinks

    A double sink is a type of kitchen sink that is equipped with two separate tanks separated by a wall. This type of sink is very popular because it offers great versatility in the kitchen. The tanks can have different sizes or be symmetrical, depending on the needs of the user.

    Double Sink Styles:

    Double sink drainer: Some double sinks are equipped with an integrated drainer, which facilitates the drying of dishes and utensils. The drainer can be located to the left or right of the tanks depending on the configuration of the kitchen.

    Recessed double sink: Recessed double sinks

    Westag & Getalit -  - Double Sink
    Westag & Getalit
    Price upon request
    Fd Mediterranee -  - Double Sink
    Fd Mediterranee

    Stone sink, on feet. 120-80 cm. Achievable to measure

    2990 € approx.
    Le Comptoir des Pierres - egaliere - Double Sink
    Le Comptoir des Pierres

    Designer : Le Comptoir des Pierres

    Burgundy Natural Stone Evier - Standard or custom-made

    899 € approx.

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    Les Specialistes

    Fd Mediterranee Le Comptoir des Pierres Westag & Getalit PREMIER COPPER PRODUCTS COPPER DESIGN MAKERS TEKA Aquasanita
    TEKA - evier double 1402130 - Double Sink

    Stainless steel: 18/10 Bowl depth: 17 cm Basket valve: 3 1/2 Installation type: On the worktop ...


    * Configuration: 60/40 basin divider with short separator * Design: Hammered copper surface * Color: ...

    Price upon request
    COPPER DESIGN MAKERS -  - Double Sink
    Price upon request
    COPA DESIGN -  - Double Sink
    Aquasanita -  - Double Sink

    Sink dimensions: 860 x 540 mm | Dimensions of the basin: 375 x 405 x 200 mm [1]; 220 x 405 x 180 mm ...

    Price upon request
    POALGI - kuma 304 - Double Sink

    Composition: ROCSTONE ® Automatic emptying Anti-bacterial protection BACKTIBLOCK ® Basket plug (Ø 90 ...

    Price upon request
    Brass & Traditional Sinks - chateaux kitchen sink - Double Sink
    Brass & Traditional Sinks

    Everything about the Chateaux 2.0 bowl speaks of luxury and craftsmanship. Made from hand-crafted 14 ...

    Price upon request
    Shaws Of Darwen - edgworth - Double Sink
    Shaws Of Darwen

    Features include: Double bowl sink with offset dividing wall. No overflow and Plain front. ...

    Price upon request
    ... are designed to be recessed into the worktop, creating a smooth, continuous surface around the sink.

    Double sink: The double sinks are placed directly on the worktop or on a kitchen cabinet. They are visible on the outside and can add a touch of style to the kitchen.

    Stainless steel double sink: Stainless steel double sinks are popular because of their durability, corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance.

    Ceramic double sink: Ceramic double sinks, also called porcelain sinks, are appreciated for their classic appearance and durability.

    Double sink in granite or synthetic stone: Double sinks in granite or synthetic stone offer resistance to scratches, stains and shocks. They are available in various colors and finishes.

    European manufacturers of double sinks:

    Blanco (Germany) 

    Franke (Switzerland) 

    Villeroy & Boch (Germany) 

    Roca (Spain)

    Schock (Germany) 

    Shaws of Darwen (United Kingdom) 

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