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    Paella pan - Pans

    The paella pan is a kitchen utensil specially designed for the preparation of paella, a traditional Spanish dish based on rice, saffron, vegetables and seafood or meat. Paella pans have a characteristic and wide shape with a flat, shallow bottom, which allows for even cooking and optimal evaporation of the liquid to obtain a crispy layer of rice called "socarrat". Here is a description of the different styles of paella stoves and some renowned European manufacturers:

    Paella pan styles:

    Traditional paella pan: Traditional paella pans are made of steel and are known for their ability to distribute heat evenly over

    MAGEFESA -  - Paella Pan

    Carbon steel paella stove. Made in Spain. Long live. Easy to clean. Suitable for food firewood, gas ...

    Price upon request
    Belseher -  - Paella Pan

    Paella pan in sheet steel then vitrified. It can be used with firewood and gas.

    Price upon request

    Paella Valenciana polished steel 80 cm. in diameter, ideal for 40 people. Tasting portions, don't ...

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    MAGEFESA Belseher
    ... the entire surface. They have two side handles for easy handling. These stoves are available in different sizes depending on the number of diners you wish to serve.

    Glazed paella pan: Some paella pans are made of enameled steel, which makes them easier to maintain, as they do not require tumbling (process of preparing a steel surface to make it non-stick). The enamel also adds a touch of color to the pan.

    Stainless steel paella pan: Stainless steel paella pans are durable and corrosion resistant. They are often equipped with a thick bottom for uniform heat distribution.

    Copper paella pan: Copper paella pans offer excellent thermal conductivity, allowing precise control of cooking. They are usually lined with a non-reactive material, such as stainless steel, to prevent any chemical reaction between copper and food.

    European paella pan manufacturers:

    Garcima, The Crucible, De Buyer..

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