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    Djembe drum - Music and instrument

    The djembe is a percussion instrument of West African origin, primarily used in Mandingue musical traditions. Here is some information about the djembe:

    • Origin: The djembe originates from West Africa, mainly from countries such as Mali, Guinea, Senegal, and Ivory Coast. It is an integral part of the culture and music of these regions.

    • Construction: The djembe is made of a wooden, goblet-shaped shell, covered with a goat or cow skin that is attached with nylon or leather ropes. It can be crafted from different types of wood, such as lenke, djalla, or doussié, each having its own specific acoustic

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  • Sound and playing technique: The djembe produces a wide range of sounds, from deep bass tones to sharp highs. Musicians can use different playing techniques to produce various sounds, including bass, tone, and slap. The djembe is played with bare hands, using the palm, fingers, and sometimes even the fist.

  • Usage: The djembe is used in ceremonies, rituals, dances, and musical performances in West Africa. It is often played in groups, along with other percussion instruments such as the dunun (a low drum), cymbals, and bells. The rhythms and patterns played on the djembe can vary depending on the region and specific musical tradition.

  • Global popularity: The djembe has gained popularity worldwide and is often used in diverse musical contexts, including world music ensembles, percussion classes, street performances, and informal drumming sessions.

  • Here are some European manufacturers of djembes:

    1. Meinl Percussion (Germany)

    2. Schlagwerk Percussion (Germany)

    3. Nino Percussion (Germany)

    4. Tycoon Percussion (Netherlands)

    5. Stagg (Belgium)

    6. Kambala Percussions (France)

    7. Alpha Percussion (France)

    8. Toca Percussion (United Kingdom)

    9. Pearl Drums (United Kingdom)

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