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    Electric stone grille - Various kitchen and cooking items

    Broiler stone, also known as baking stone, is a cooking device that allows food to be cooked directly on a heated stone surface. This cooking method is appreciated for its user-friendly appearance and its ability to prepare healthy and delicious dishes without adding extra fat. Here is a description of the different styles of grilling stones and some renowned European manufacturers:

    Broiler stone styles:

    Electric Broiler Stone: The most common style of broiler stone is electric. It usually consists of a stone plate, usually granite, mounted on an electric base. The appliance heats the stone to a high temperature, which

    TÄLJSTEN - steksten - Electric Stone Grille

    Designer : Erik Olofsson

    It is the Steksten cooking stone which best reflects the integration of the Täljsten brand in ...

    Price upon request
    FIMAR -  - Electric Stone Grille

    To spread your pasta pizza, bread, fougasse ... Food resin rolls Stainless Chassis

    bacchus equipements -  - Electric Stone Grille
    bacchus equipements

    Marble worktop Top compartment 7 GN 1/6 trays Automatic defrosting Shelves: GN 1/1 trays (not ...

    COOL HEAD -  - Electric Stone Grille

    Granite worktop Top compartment 8 GN 1/6 bins Self-closing doors Shelves: GN 1/1 trays (not supplied ...

    BIG GREEN EGG FRANCE -  - Electric Stone Grille

    Perfect heat distribution Melting dishes on the inside and crispy on the outside Make many recipes!

    bacchus equipements -  - Electric Stone Grille
    bacchus equipements

    Delivered with a saladette to pose Granite worktop Self-closing doors Furniture: Trains 600 x 400 mm ...

    COOL HEAD -  - Electric Stone Grille

    Granite worktop Large storage volume Self-closing doors Shelves: GN 1/1 bins (not supplied) Overhead ...

    ... makes it possible to quickly cook pieces of meat, fish, vegetables, or even cheese, placing them directly on the stone.

    Gas Broiler Stone: Some models of broiler stones work with gas, which makes them ideal for outdoor use, for example during a barbecue. They offer precise temperature control and are often integrated with larger gas grills.

    Charcoal Broiler: Less common than electric and gas versions, charcoal broiler stone uses charcoal embers to heat the stone.

    European manufacturers:

    Princess: This Dutch brand offers a variety of kitchen appliances, including electric grilling stones with granite plates. Princess products are often known for their value for money.

    Severin: A well-established German company that manufactures household appliances, including electric grilling stones. Severin grilling stones are known for their durability.

    Tefal: Tefal, a French brand renowned for its kitchen utensils, also offers electric grilling stones with non-stick stone plates.

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