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    Hanging basket - Flowerpots

    A garden pot suspension is a type of pot holder that can be used to hang a flower pot or planter on the outside or inside. It is often used to add a touch of greenery to a balcony, terrace or veranda.

    Garden pot suspensions can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, wood, rattan or plastic. They are available in different shapes and sizes to fit all types of flower pots or planters.

    Garden pot suspensions can be hung from a hook attached to a ceiling or wall, or from a beam. Some are equipped with

    BOSKKE -  - Hanging Basket
    BOSKKE -  - Hanging Basket
    MOAROOM -  - Hanging Basket

    Boskke sky gardener

    Price upon request
    ASZTALOS -  - Hanging Basket

    Designer : Gabriella ASZTALOS

    Price upon request
    Windowflowers -  - Hanging Basket
    Price upon request
    Poetic -  - Hanging Basket

    Your plants rise to the ground and add a most surprising decoration to your home thanks to the moon ...

    ... a pulley system to facilitate the rise and fall of flowerpots. Garden pot suspensions can also be used in combination with standing garden pot holders to create a level and height effect.

    Garden pot suspensions are often used to create a cascading effect by hanging several flower pots one above the other. This creates an illusion of depth and adds a touch of nature to any space.

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