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    Nail brush - Brushes & Sponges

    A nail brush is a tool used to clean nails and cuticles. It is generally composed of small, rigid hairs, which are attached to a solid handle.

    Nail brushes can be used to clean the nails of the hands and feet, as well as the cuticles. They are often used to remove dirt and residue from nail care products, such as nail polish and nail polish remover.

    There are different types of nail brushes on the market, with hairs of different sizes and textures. Some nail brushes are also equipped with built-in scrapers to remove more stubborn dirt.

    Nail brush

    HUMDAKIN -  - Nail Brush

    Use it in your daily routines  or when your fingers and nails are extra greasy.

    OOOBJECT -  - Nail Brush
    11.90 € approx.
    OOOBJECT -  - Nail Brush
    11.90 € approx.
    AUTREFOIS -  - Nail Brush
    Price upon request
    ... manufacturers include well-known brands such as OPI, Sally Hansen, Tweezerman, and many others. Nail brushes are often sold in pharmacies, supermarkets or online.

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