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    Stoup - Religious ornaments

    A holy water font, or holy water stoup, is a container often shaped like a cup or seashell, filled with holy water and used in Christian churches for the rituals of blessing and purification. It is typically placed near the entrance of the church, and worshippers can dip their fingers into it or make the sign of the cross with the holy water when entering or leaving the church.

    Holy water fonts can be made from various materials, such as metal or stone.

    • Metal holy water fonts can be made of brass, bronze, or silver, and they are often adorned

    pierre et vestiges -  - Stoup
    pierre et vestiges

    Exceptional benitier small model eroded, antique patina in mass, bronze mask cast in sand

    Price upon request
    Claude Augustin -  - Stoup
    Claude Augustin

    Description Medieval baptismal tank, prior to the sixteenth century, monolithic, hard stone ...

    Price upon request
    Antiquités Trouvailles -  - Stoup
    Antiquités Trouvailles
    Price upon request
    ... with religious motifs or Christian symbols.

  • Stone holy water fonts can be carved from marble, granite, or other types of stone, and they may feature engraved details or sculptures depicting biblical scenes or saints.

  • Here are some European manufacturers specialized in the production of holy water fonts:

    1. Solis Ortus (Spain)

    2. Atelier du Cuivre (France)

    3. Brivio (Italy)

    4. F.X. Wimmer (Germany)

    5. Judson Studios (United Kingdom)

    6. Monte Paradiso Art Studio (Croatia)

    7. Orfevrerie d'Anjou (France)

    8. Armarium Artis (Poland)

    9. San Luigi (Italy)

    10. Pema Art Studio (Czech Republic)

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