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    Shoe polishing kit - Maintenance products

    A shoe polish box is a container specially designed to store and organize shoe polish products. It is usually composed of a wooden or plastic box with different compartments and accessories for shoe polish. Here is some information about wax boxes:

    Materials: Wax boxes are often made of wood or plastic. Wooden boxes offer a classic and durable appearance, while plastic boxes are lightweight and easy to clean.

    Compartments: Wax boxes are usually divided into several compartments to organize the various products and accessories. They may have special sections for brushes, polishing cloths, polishes, gloss brushes and other related

    Starbay -  - Shoe Polishing Kit

    Stunning leather-wrapped shoe rest, liftable. It is a summary of all our know-how. Above all, it ...

    FAMACO PARIS - princesse - Shoe Polishing Kit

    7 Pommels, 1 Colorless luxury wax, 1 Black luxury wax, 1 Colorless delicate cream, 1 Bubenga GM ...

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    ELIE BLEU -  - Shoe Polishing Kit

    New collection created specifically to celebrate the release of New James Bond. 7 pieces for the ...

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    Les Specialistes

    AUERBERG -  - Shoe Polishing Kit

    Curved design Very practical Regional production in Upper Bavaria A sturdy outer box made of hard ...


    Accessories: Some shoe polishing boxes come with basic accessories for shoe polishing, such as brushes, cloths and waxing of different colours. These accessories may vary depending on the make and model of the shoe box.

    Organization: Shoe polish boxes keep all shoe polish products and tools tidy and easily accessible. This facilitates the task of waxing and avoids spreading products and tools in different places.

    Transportation: Some wax boxes are designed to be portable, with handles or straps to facilitate transportation. This makes it easy to take them on trips or trips.

    There are many reputable manufacturers of wax boxes, offering different designs and features. Some well-known manufacturers include Famaco, Saphir, Kiwi, Woodlore and Collonil.

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