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    Egg spoon - Spoons

    An egg spoon is a kitchen utensil specially designed to handle eggs, whether to cook, serve or prepare them in different ways. Egg spoons can have different shapes and functions depending on their specific use. Here are some types of egg spoons and their characteristics:

    Boiled egg spoon:

    Shape: This spoon has a small cup-shaped end that allows you to remove the top of the shell of a boiled egg.
    Use: It is used to gently break the shell of the egg and to facilitate the tasting of the boiled egg.
    Russian-style egg spoon:

    Shape: This spoon has a clamp

    ... or shovel-shaped end that allows you to cut and serve poached eggs or soft-boiled eggs.
    Use: It is used to gently remove the egg from boiling water or the poacher, avoiding piercing the yolk.
    Quail egg spoon:

    Shape: These spoons are generally smaller and more delicate than standard chicken egg spoons, as they are specially designed to handle small quail eggs.
    Use: They are used to break the shells of quail eggs and to facilitate the removal of the egg from the shell.

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