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    Spaghetti measure - Distributors

    A spaghetti scoop, also known as a spaghetti scoop, is a tool designed to measure the amount of spaghetti or other pasta before cooking. It helps to avoid cooking too much or not enough pasta, ensuring an adequate portion for meals. Spaghetti dispensers are convenient to obtain uniform portions and avoid waste.

    Alessi - voile - Spaghetti Measure

    Designer : Paola Gerosa

    Spaghetti measure in 18/10 stainless steel, A little accessory that makes the perfect gift for ...

    TYPHOON -  - Spaghetti Measure
    Price upon request
    Guillouard -  - Spaghetti Measure

    Spaghetti-dose measurer in the blink of an eye is the ideal amount of pasta to treat 1 to 6 people. ...

    Price upon request

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    Alessi Guillouard TYPHOON

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